Our lives changed

Our lives changed the day our daughter started at Frontenac Club Day Care. The staff at FCDC were outstanding and we always felt comfortable dropping her off each day. It was the one place she would willingly walk up to the door and walk right inside without hesitation. We knew that her teachers, her resource teacher and all of the staff at the daycare had her best interests at heart. The entire FCDC team treated her like one of their own and were extremely thorough in communicating with us about our daughter’s day. Even with all of her dietary restrictions, the delicious in-house lunch and snacks provided were always considering her needs and they would do everything they could to accommodate her. When it was hard for us to communicate the reasons behind her dietary restrictions, FCDC never asked questions, they just helped us, with no judgment, in discovering how to help our daughter feel her best at all times.

The interaction with other children through their remarkable Integration Programme allowed our daughter to make connections and friendships that we’ll remember forever. We would have liked for her to stay there much longer, but when it was time for our daughter to transition into school, her team went above and beyond by attending school transition meetings, assisting with all of our paperwork and helping us get organized, and even preparing her ‘All About Me’ profile to help others get to know her through their deep understanding of her daily hardships. Our family is forever grateful for our connection with Frontenac Club Day Care.